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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

…but if you do, we offer both proactive and responsive programs—designed to prevent and improve race relations.

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We’re About Recognition, Not Definitions

…and giving you the tools to formulate appropriate responses in situations that do not lend themselves to much time.

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Avoid Costly Mistakes

…because instincts can be fatal. We can help you understand your thought processes pertaining to race—allowing you to prevent unintended deaths.

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Law Enforcement Specialty

Find out how I can help your department improve Race-relations within your community!

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Unconscious Biases & Discrimination Practices

Learn how to address these issues and more, before they become a problem.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Find out how corporate culture affects overall productivity & performance.


Every connection matters.

Let’s make yours matter, today!

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Institute For Racial Equity

The Institute for Racial Equity was founded to help LEP’s in all aspects of their jobs relating to race relations, biases, stereotypes, and other hindrances in dealing with those who are different. Law enforcement departments will receive unrivaled, honest, and upfront training specifically targeted for LEP’s (Law Enforcement Professionals).

Our training is not about definitions but about recognition. By providing LEP’s with the tools necessary to understand their own personal thought patterns and behaviors, we are able to help them formulate appropriate responses in situations that do not lend themselves to much time.

Don’t trust your department’s education and training to a business that provides only standardized substance. Your department deserves the most intuitive expert in racial division. Contact The Institute for Racial Equity today to learn how we can help.


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