Questions…and Answers…

A young black man is offered assistance from an older white man, but distrusts the real reason for the help. Why does he distrust this man? Has he had negative experiences with white men in the past? Does he hold onto unconscious biases that make him insecure? Is the man actually doing something that should […]

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Posted in News Treste March 6, 2018

Which Group Did You Join?

Guess what your kids are learning in college? Colleges and universities are rich with fresh minds, eager to be on their own, longing to belong to something. A supremacist group offers some of the things college kids are looking for. Supremacist groups recruit for new members and usually hate isn’t displayed front and center, but […]

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Posted in News Treste February 24, 2018

It’s Just What I Thought…

This article is a gem. Read with an open mind because some of it might make you reconsider how you think. You are not right or wrong. When a joke begins with ‘A guy comes into a room’…what does he look like in our mind? Tell me what you think in my Step Out! Group. […]

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Posted in News Treste February 22, 2018