A big thanks to all who joined me today on Facebook to learn to #StepOut and #BreakThroughHate! If you missed me live, check it out now!

My #StepOut movement excites me, because I know it is an easy and accessible way for people to learn to communicate with and in turn learn from those who are different from themselves. The more we make meaningful connections with people who we otherwise would not know, the more we get to understand different cultures, backgrounds, Races, ethnicity, genders…. the list goes on and on. Once we connect, we learn that our differences are cause to unite us, not divide.

I hope you will join me again Tuesday, 2/06, as we switch up the time to 8PM (EST). I’m enjoying this journey with you and know we are making a difference, one STEP at a time.

See you Tuesday!


Posted in News by Treste January 24, 2018