According to The Garden City Telegram out of Kansas, (R) Rep. Stephen Alford made some interesting observations about Blacks and drugs. I don’t think he quoted any medical or psychological studies to support his deductions, it was all just his own comments and opinions. He states, “What was the reason why they [outlawed drugs]?” Alford asked a crowd. “One of the reasons why — I hate to say it — is the African Americans, they were basically users and they basically responded the worst off to those drugs. It’s because of their character makeup — their genetics and that. And so basically what we’re trying to do, is we’re trying to do a complete reverse of the people not remembering what’s happened in the past. So basically, I’m against marijuana all the way through.”

When will people stop making wild unproven statements about others who don’t look like them? This is just another stereotype and prejudice that becomes fact for some people once they hear it without being backed by factual evidence. Especially when they come from people in authority. People who make these comments may believe it is fact because they heard it from someone they considered an authority or are knowledgeable about African-Americans, which is not an excuse. Who knows how many times and places Rep. Alford has made these statements or some similar. This is a story that was not prominent on any of the major news wires like many other stories on stereotypes and prejudice.

It is a shame that people in authority believe they can say anything about anyone without any consequences. They totally disregard how their words and thoughts affect others who receive them.

Think before you speak. No one group of people are all the same. All German Shepherds are dogs but not all dogs are German Shepherds. No group of people deserve to be disparaged because of someone else’s ignorance.

Let’s work to understand each other on a deeper level than our appearances. Only then will we embrace our differences and #breakthroughhate. Change will come from the meaningful connections we make with others who are different than ourselves. And when comments are made, like the ones made by Rep. Alford, we can shake our heads, state the facts, and move forward in continuing to love one another.

Ready to spark some change? #StepOut today.

Posted in News by Treste January 24, 2018