1. What is a stereotype?
    The irrational unfounded feeling toward a particular group based on their differences.
  2. What is prejudice?
    When a person attributes their group assessment to an individual in that group.
  3. What is unconscious bias?
    Deeply seated stereotypes and prejudices that can be displayed through words or actions.
  4. How do micro-aggressions work?
    It is actions or words that have a negative impression on the target, i.e. I’m a Black female and a White person tells me I “don’t sound black.”
  5. What goes into active listening?
    Repeating, paraphrasing, head nods, leaning in, and much more during a conversation.
  6. When someone is offended by what you say how do you fix it?
    Acknowledge the offense, apologize, and ask the person why they were offended so you learn.
  7. What is the difference between race and ethnicity?
    Race refers to color. Ethnicity is cultural background and defines who you are.

group of office workers, males and females of different races and ethnicities