Guess what your kids are learning in college?
Colleges and universities are rich with fresh minds, eager to be on their own, longing to belong to something. A supremacist group offers some of the things college kids are looking for. Supremacist groups recruit for new members and usually hate isn’t displayed front and center, but some of it is implied. Sometimes they call themselves an organization of sorts which may make them seem more legitimate. For example, a white supremacist group may refer to themselves as, “…a community that strives to make the world better for the white race.” They sometimes quote scripture, famous leaders and modern-age artists (out of context) to justify and cause intrigue around their cause. Be weary…

Campuses are littered with fliers touting a group’s doctrine just like any other group supported by the college. Recently, there has been a rise in racial incidents at colleges and universities. Fliers and graffiti have been found and some of it was quite expletive and hurtful. We have to be aware of what our young minds are learning, and prepared to help lead them towards a path of love, acceptance and light.

Let’s work together to encourage our youth and #BreakThroughHate.

Posted in News by Treste February 24, 2018