First Facebook Live, A Success!

A huge thank you to the hundreds that joined my first Facebook live! To #breakthroughhate with all of you is a privilege, and we’re just getting started! Join me again next Tuesday at 2PM as we tackle some more tough topics. For those of you that missed it, check it out here: Again, thank you! […]

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Posted in News Treste January 18, 2018

Join Me Live on Facebook!

I’m Tresté Loving – founder and CEO of the Institute for Racial Equity, the premier training organization uniting law enforcement professionals and the communities they serve. Race, division, prejudice and stereotypes have been at the forefront of our news headlines for far too long… and I’m looking to spark some change. I challenge you to […]

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Posted in News Treste January 11, 2018

Race and Truth

Race. A human contrived classification to explain our differences. From all I have read and experienced our biological make-up is the same. Our natural variations are from the geological regions in the world. There are some scientific reasons we are varying colors and that has to do with the equator, not status. Obviously the closer […]

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Posted in News Treste October 4, 2017