Be Bold. Step Out!

Cultural mindsets, deep-seeded hatred, unconscious biases and profiling tendencies. These things are rooted from within, a part of our daily thought processes and every-day perceptions. They didn’t happen overnight. Each stereotype or bent towards discrimination was planted a little at a time, until it permeated the way in which we view the world around us. […]

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Posted in News Treste September 27, 2017

Are Your Kids Rats?

I didn’t think so. I don’t know any parents who consider their kids rats. Why would someone call a child, ANY child, rats? Who indeed… In Jacksonville, FL a mother of a fourth grader made a complaint about her daughter’s teacher who allegedly called her and other Black children rats. Very few of us are […]

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Posted in News Treste September 6, 2017

Dangerous Liasions

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices encounter internal and external challenges each day, such as use of authoritative power and profiling, as well as patrols in highly sensitive areas. Finding a resolution to these problems and others can be frustrating. Consultants are always readily available, giving the issue a glance and offering a solution deemed “perfect”. […]

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Posted in News Treste August 30, 2017