Police Departments and Sheriff Offices encounter internal and external challenges each day, such as use of authoritative power and profiling, as well as patrols in highly sensitive areas. Finding a resolution to these problems and others can be frustrating. Consultants are always readily available, giving the issue a glance and offering a solution deemed “perfect”. These methods are typically “off the shelf” and easy to implement. But an “off the shelf” product is just that—”off the shelf”— providing a one size fits all fix with little or no customization.

Unfortunately, there is a gamble with an off the shelf product because it may or may not provide the real solution required. That creates a dangerous liaison, because challenges can continue and worsen. So what should a leader look for when searching for the right solutions for law enforcement professionals? The leader needs an Outside Trusted Advisor (OTA), who has the organization’s requirements, strategy and desires at the forefront, not their own personal business agenda.

There are three areas to be clear about to ensure the OTA is a good fit. First, how accurate is the data collected? Next, do solutions support and align with the departments strategy and culture? Finally, can leaders authentically and totally support the solutions?

First, gathering the right data will start the process of getting to the right solution. Generally speaking, consulting firms have a plethora of off the shelf items that collect different types of data which may or may not be what the leader desires. An OTA will adjust their process to collect accurate, unbiased data to formulate an effective solution.

Next, it is critical that answers are precise—adapted to fit the organization’s culture since alignment with the organization’s vision is key. An off the shelf product can generalize adaptation but it will be difficult to align precise solutions to any strategy the organization uses for success.

Finally, leaders will authentically and enthusiastically support a process they know is personalized to meet their needs. A customized product facilitated by an OTA helps transform an organization from great to phenomenal.

A Dangerous Liaison can leave an organization even worse than it was to begin with. Be wise. Use an Outside Trusted Adviser to develop customized methods, guiding your department towards lasting changes and transformative growth.

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Posted in News by Treste August 30, 2017