I didn’t think so. I don’t know any parents who consider their kids rats. Why would someone call a child, ANY child, rats? Who indeed…

In Jacksonville, FL a mother of a fourth grader made a complaint about her daughter’s teacher who
allegedly called her and other Black children rats.

Very few of us are immune to hate.

We all have prejudices.

Teachers have a strong impact on child’s socialization, and unfortunately, not a good one in this case (if true).

Socialization is the process of passing culture from one generation to a younger generation. We’re all socialized by the people and things in our lives, including teachers. Imagine what the other fourth graders thought when she allegedly called the Black students rats and allegedly said the rats would infest the classroom.

Think about the power a teacher has over his or her students.

Think about the power we each have when speaking around a child.

Think about what it is we say and do… Do we promote inclusion or do we promote hate?

I know for me, when I was in elementary school I totally trusted what my teachers told me as being absolute truth. As well as my parents, extended family, those in my community…

What are you teaching someone today?

May we teach the next generation to celebrate our differences.
They are, in fact, what unite us.

Posted in News by Treste September 6, 2017