Cultural mindsets, deep-seeded hatred, unconscious biases and profiling tendencies. These things are rooted from within, a part of our daily thought processes and every-day perceptions. They didn’t happen overnight. Each stereotype or bent towards discrimination was planted a little at a time, until it permeated the way in which we view the world around us.

Biases, racism, prejudice, profiling… we all (yes, you too!), engage in and hold onto stereotypes and different, varying levels that affect the way in which we communicate with others.

What if we were to break those?

What if, we recognized one another’s differences, and rather than view them as a means to divide, found them to be a means to unite us?

We are all human after all, with a heart bent towards love, and a desire to feel valued and cared for.

Can that bring us closer?

Can our basic desires of wanting the best for ourselves and our families, our faith, our wanting to laugh, live and process change to the fullest invoke a sense of togetherness?

I think it can.

Infact, I know it can and believe it will.

My new movement, Step Out, has started up on Facebook. It is a group comprised of people of different ethnicities and backgrounds across our country, placing themselves in a position for open and honest dialogue.


By partaking in discussions with others who are different, I am certain people will begin to embrace those differences as a means to unify.

Will you join us?

Be bold and Step Out, today!

Let’s #BreakThroughHate together, one meaningful connection at a time.

Posted in News by Treste September 27, 2017