Race. A human contrived classification to explain our differences.

From all I have read and experienced our biological make-up is the same. Our natural variations are from the geological regions in the world. There are some scientific reasons we are varying colors and that has to do with the equator, not status. Obviously the closer to the equator the darker the complexion (and it is the same for the poles). These facts are lost on the majority of people and it can blatantly been seen in the way Race has been defined.

Unfortunately, Race is used as an excuse to hate. Ignorance of what Race is and the and history behind it is what divides us. We develop ill-conceived perceptions and notions that warp our worldview and opinions of those who are different.

All those things can be overcome if we desire. How? Let’s start a real conversation about each other with one another. Common ground will prevail. Talk to a person you never thought about having a conversation with (that’s right, the person who doesn’t look like you!). One question is all it takes.

Step Out! is an open and honest world-wide movement, encouraging individuals to ask pertinent questions to those who are different than themselves. The goal? To recognize that our differences actually unite us, instead of divide.

When engaging within this group, our main and only rule is to be respectful. If not, you will be kicked out. Use everyday questions to learn about those who don’t look like you, making every effort to really listen and understanding their response before commenting.

Be bold and step out by connecting with someone who is different than you, today!

Let’s #BreakThroughHate, together, one meaningful connection at a time!

Posted in News by Treste October 4, 2017