Professional and Personal. When those two get confused it can create strife, a decrease in productivity and a loss of revenue. I’ve seen it, and it gets ugly! We interact with our colleagues for the vast majority of our day, every day. Whether a leader, manager, executive or employee, it is sometimes difficult to remain professional at all times. However, when our personal opinions, preferences, thoughts, mannerisms, etc. affect decision making, it can create an unfavorable work environment – hindering success!

So, how is it possible to keep your P’s separate? First, self-control. Understanding your limits, motives and intentions – ensuring you are working within proper, professional parameters at all times. Second, understand your fellow employees. It is imperative that you are sensitive to others strengths, weaknesses and personality traits. Third, be mindful that not every person thinks the same way you do. Others hold different opinions, viewing things from different perspectives – and that’s okay!

What should you do if things get personal at work? Confront the situation and correct it immediately. Keeping the workplace harmonious benefits everyone. A positive work environment brings out the best in each individual, allowing an organization to succeed.

Keep things in perspective – mind your P’s!

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