Are you ready for the Instagram Success Summit next week, June 7-10.

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It’s an online conference about how you can use Instagram to generate leads for your business, B2B or B2C.

The 30+ speaker agenda is being released later this week, but I’ve spoken to the host, Liam Austin, and I’m excited to be able to share with you a sneak peek of a few sessions from the summit:

1. How I made $1 million within 2 years on Instagram (leveraging partnerships) with Deonna Monique Lewis
Deonna, founder at Boho Exotic studio, went from a full-time job in the financial industry to running a multi-million dollar business on Instagram. She will teach you how to leverage partnerships on Instagram to maximize growth and profit.

2. How to automate your way to sales on Instagram with Chris Jones
Chris is an E-commerce entrepreneur at BEC SPORT, growing his business through Instagram and using automation to reap a stream of sales every day.

3. How I used shoutouts to gain 1 million followers on Instagram with Brad Cameron
Through growing his Instagram page to nearly 1 million followers, Brad Cameron ended up with an opportunity to build a business. He will share his secrets on how shoutouts grew him enough followers, and a 30,000+ email list, to now earn a full-time income.

Listening to these successful entrepreneurs is going to completely change your conception on what is possible with Instagram – for individuals just like you and me.

I learned that this year over 32% of US companies will use Instagram, a number that has been predicted to surpass 70% by 2017.

Are you thinking the same thing as me?

NOW is the right time to get on Instagram. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Check out the full lineup and grab your FREE ticket here: Tickets to the Instagram Summit

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