Equal, equitable, and fair are all terms used frequently when describing the treatment employees expect from employers. Does this mean they are interchangeable? Not at all! In fact they are different and should be used according to the results employers are looking to attain. Why is this important to know? Because achieving the right treatment makes all the difference in an organization’s success.

In the increasing landscape of diversity/inclusion equal, equitable, and fair treatment provides the foundation needed to ignite the passion, dedication, loyalty, and engagement of their entire organization. How do CEOs, Business Owners, leaders, and managers use them as they are here?

First, each of these must be clearly defined so there is no confusion. Equitable means just. Equal is the same. Fair is treating people in a way that does not favor some over others. Starting with equitable treatment which is used to create awesome work environments so everyone feels part of the business; therefore, providing some amazing ideas. Equitable is the optimum treatment and all leaders must strive to reach this level using policies, procedures and strategies as a path to create the most engaged employees. Engaged employees are consistent in their high productivity.

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