The Impossible

The Impossible Will race always be extremely divisive in the United States? If conversation is the only action taken to alleviate divisiveness, things will not improve. Quite frankly, they will worsen. Proactive and intentional measures must take place on an individual level in order to heal the racial divide within our country. Talk isn’t helping. […]

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Posted in News developer December 15, 2016

Race – A Four Letter Word…

Race – A Four Letter Word Blank stares. Silence. Incoherent sentences. What is Race? Is it just a color? Just saying the word “Race” conjures up thoughts and feelings not usually in the conscious mind. The mind links Race to color, bringing up what we were taught, have seen, have heard and have experienced. […]

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Posted in News developer November 9, 2016

Don’t get your P’s mixed!

Professional and Personal. When those two get confused it can create strife, a decrease in productivity and a loss of revenue. I’ve seen it, and it gets ugly! We interact with our colleagues for the vast majority of our day, every day. Whether a leader, manager, executive or employee, it is sometimes difficult to remain professional at all times. […]

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Posted in News developer September 14, 2016